Cleaning Tips

Chewing Gum

Place garment in plastic bag and put in freezer. Scrape off frozen gum


Fruit Stains

Remove Stain by stretching the stained area over a bowl and then pouring hot water from a height of several feet thought the stain


Candle WAX or Crayon

Place the stained area between clean towel or pieces of a brown paper bag and press with a warm iron



Soak the Garment in warm vinegar water


Removing Hem Creases

White vinegar will help remove a permanent crease. Sponge the material liberally with the vinegar and press with a warm iron.


Fuzz Balls

Remove those little balls of fuzz from an old shirt collar by going over the surface with a clean shaver. It will not harm the fabric



Apply detergent solution.blot ( Use enzyme detergent if cream was present)

apply vinegar solution.blot.apply enzyme detergent. blot. Rinse with water, blot until dry



Apply detergent solution.Blot. Apply vinegar solution. Blot.Apply ammonia solution.Blot.Rinse thoroughly with water

Blot until Dry


Grass Stains

Apply amyl acetate, if available chlorophyll. Blot. Apply enzyme detergent.Blot. Rinse with water.Blot.

Apply ammonia solution.Blot.Apply vinegar solution.Blot.Rinse with water. Blot until dry



Apply detergent solution.Blot. Repeat as needed. Apply ammonia solution. Blot. Rinse with water. Blot. Rinse with water.

Blot. Apply dry-cleaning detergent. Blot.

Repeat as needed



Apply dry cleaning detergent. Apply Ammonia solution. Blot. Rinse with water, Blot uNTIL dry.


Jam or Jelly

Apply detergent solution. Blot. Apply vinegar solution. Blot. Rinse with water. Blot. Apply enzyme detergent Blot



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